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Woods Walks - Silver Bay

Courses - Silver Bay -
Spring/Summer 2024

Woods Walks - Silver Bay

Ever wanted to explore local trails but don't want to do it alone? This offering is to just get us started. Walk some short local trails—only 1 to 3 miles. Build community and meet others that maybe you'll want to hike with in the future. These trails can be done after work and with your children. Wear tennis shoes or trail shoes. Dress for the weather (layers, rain jacket), bring a water bottle. All trails are dog friendly but for the sake of the class and others, please leave your pooch at home. Dogs add another dimension to hiking and multiple dogs will complicate our time together. If people like these hikes we can plan longer ones for the fall or next summer. The 4th Wednesday of each month.  

May 22nd: In town. School Forest Site. Time 1 hour. This easy one-mile loop has other trails too. We'll do the outer loop and enjoy the overlook. If time and interest permits, we'll also go do the in-town overlook trail (behind  the Credit Union). Parking: Meet at the SHT/ATV parking lot on Penn Blvd. 

June 26th: Tettegouche. Time 1 hour. Another easy 1.3 mile walk to the very end of shovel point in Tettegouche. Easy trail with one long staircase. We'll enjoy the waves at the point before turning around and hiking back the way we came. If time and interest permits, we'll also hike the Cascade trail just over the bridge in Tettegouche. Parking: Main Tettegouche parking lot by visitor center 

July 24th: Gooseberry Falls Gitchi Gummi Trail loop. Time: 1 hour. This easy 2.0 mile loop is over the river, on the East side. Not as busy and well worth it! Another walk that is easy to do with your family or friends. Parking: Gooseberry Falls main parking lot by visitor center. 

August 28th: Gooseberry Falls Five Falls Loop. Time: 1.5 hours. Walk up river, past the falls and there is more beauty and quiet to be found. This trail goes up one side, and back down the other.   Parking: Gooseberry Falls main parking lot by visitor center. 

Start time: 6 p.m. for all hikes.

Instructor: Susan Frericks


  Susan B Frericks

William Kelley School : Bird Hill School Forest
Wed May 22, Wed Jun 26, Wed Jul 24 & Wed Aug 28
6:00 - 8:00 PM


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